Hot Water Cylinder Repair and Replacement 

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Hot Water Cylinder Repair and Replacement 

A faulty hot water system can be more than just an inconvenience, it can also be a hazard (especially if there’s a gas or water leak).

Not only that but an old and inefficient cylinder can cost you money to keep, using more fuel than modern cylinders.

Hot Water Cylinder repair and replacement in Leicestershire

Maximum efficiency, minimum fuss

Having central heating installed is a major job and can be very disruptive, especially if it’s on your home.

Things to think about with your Hot water cylinder

  •  is it foam lagged?
  • how old is it?
  • is it showing signs of leakage?
  • how is it heated, by a boiler or by electric elements?

All these things should be considered.

A new foam lagged cylinder could help save you on your heating bills.

Ask us to check out your cylinder with an annual service to advise on any improvement works.

With Meridian Heating you can be assured that your central heating will be installed  or maintained with the minimum of hassle and mess.

More about how it works

This system uses many different parts to heat the water

It consists of a hot water cylinder, a cold water storage cistern or tank, an open vent pipe, and a heat source to heat the water.

There are two types of open vented hot water direct heating and indirect heating. Direct heating–the water is heated directly from the heat source either by an immersion heater or by the boiler this is very old school way of doing it

Indirect heating the central heating and the hot water are separate. The water is heated via a coil (heat exchanger) from a boiler. This is done because there is a set of radiators connected to the boiler, in this case water in the central heating system slowly becomes contaminated by iron residues from the radiators which would make the hot water unusable for washing (see powerflushing).  The cylinder is the main part of the open vented hot water system this is where the hot water is heated. The heat can come from an immersion heater, directly from a boiler or indirectly from a boiler using a coil fitted inside the cylinder. Often the indirectly heated cylinders come with an immersion heater back up in case of  boiler breakdown. The cylinder coil (heat exchanger) is the tube that is often fitted to a cylinder to heat up water using the water from the central heating system. The pipe itself is coiled up inside the cylinder to give as much chance as possible for the pipe to ‘touch’ the water in the cylinder and heat it up. The storage cistern-is the reservoir of cold water used to supply the cylinder. This is always positioned above the cylinder to give a head of pressure to make the water flow out of the cylinder

This is still a very popular system to have in peoples homes however mostly this is a job involving upgrading to the latest in energy efficient equipment like pre foam lagging cylinder and plastic tanks.

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Karl Craig-West
Karl Craig-West
14:33 30 Apr 20
Thanks Chris for sorting out our boiler. I was convinced that it was leaking and that the water pressure issues were... going to cost me a packet to sort out.But you worked your magic and it's all hunky-dory now (and no expensive repair bill either). Many thanks indeed,Karlread more
Nick Cave
Nick Cave
20:37 10 Jan 20
Came out to service our boiler. Very knowledgeable, did a great job. As we'd moved house the day before, he also took... the time to demonstrate how our boiler worked. Really great service. Highly more
Tom Senior
Tom Senior
20:36 11 Jan 18
Very trustworthy, would recommend using .
Damian Wheelhouse
Damian Wheelhouse
14:21 16 Jun 17
brilliant service and very professional, Would 100% use again.
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